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Mechanical and Technical Processes. Materials    139

and b7 the Eighteenth Dynasty craft had been constructed to
carry weights of 650 tons and upwards (Fig. 15). Tomb scenes
and models show that during the ages a multitude of types of
craft were used. Some had cabins, others pens for cattle, while

FIG. 16. Plan of a royal barge from El-Lisht showing its construction of small
pieces of wood. Xllth Dynast/5 Cairo Museum,

FIG. 17.   Boat-builders, from the XIIth-Dynasty tomb of Khnemhotpe at
Beni Hasan.
many seem to have been constructed for merchandise only;
others were warships pure and simple*. The model ships give
little detail of the construction of the hulls apart from their
shape, but two large Twelfth Dynasty boats from El-Lisht, now
in the Cairo Museum, and several boat-building scenes, notably
one of the Middle Kingdom from Beni Hasan (Figs. 16 and 17),